Handmade India is a social entrepreneurship venture. We explore the diversity of our country and source the speciality handmade items of each state directly from the artisans there. Handmade India currently works with over 260 artisans from 18 states.

At Handmade India, we work on the 3 As to improve customer experience and also empower artisans;

  • Awareness about our art and craft. We like our customers asking us questions about where its made, how its made and who makes it. The sense of awareness creates a greater appreciation for the item that our client finally decides to purchase.
  • Access to the best quality and variety in our stores. We ensure that we bring only the best quality items to our stores and in turn work with artisans who take a lot of pride in presenting the best of their craft.
  • Assimilate client feedback into designs and improve customer experience. We also pass on comments and compliments to our artisans as it encourages them to further innovate and improve their product offering.

To further support the craftsmen community, all items in our stores are credit free in the sense that we pay our craftsmen upfront for all the beautiful things we source from them. By taking out the middle men such as wholesalers and local retailers, we are able to provide our consumers better quality and value for money. Also the direct link with artisans and workshops ensures that we innovate and create more easily and keep bringing new items to our stores. Everything being handmade in India ensures we have new products in our stores every two weeks, which means there will always be something new to catch your fascination.

We invite you to  become a part of our journey and we hope to see you at our stores!